Several Global TraPs Case Studies got funded and started

The 4th Global TraPs workshop in El Jadida, March 16-18, 2012, defined a couple of cases studies, which should provide answers in the critical questions that have been defined in Workshop 2-3.

The first case studies on Smallholder farmers Access to Phosphorus (SMAP) has been financed by Syngenta Foundation. There are two projects, one in Kenya focussing the underuse Phosphorus fertilizer, and one in Vietnam fosussing overuse in urban vergetable gardening.

There will be two Mutual Learning Sessions on the Bejing conference, in which the detailed research plan is presented. Both projects target to improve the supply/value chain when investigating how to improve the agro-input provider-farmer interface when incorporating financial institutes.

There will be more information in the Global TraPs Newsletter No. 12.

Program for the 1st Beijing World Conference (day 1) finished

The 1st Global TraPs World Confernce June 18-20 will consist of two parts. There will be a set of Mutual Learning Sessions (MLS) and Dialogue Sessions (DS) which have been planned for better understanding how to provide answers for the critical questions which have been formulated in the Global TraPs Workshops in Zurich and El Jadida.

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Technologies for recycling phosphorus from sewage and manure are available

Technologies for recycling phosphorus from sewage and manure are available. However, these technologies are far less used than possible. For looking for concerted action and for preparing the 'recyling issue' for the Beijing conference, there will be two meeting of some memberes of the Processing and of the Dissipation and Recycling Node.

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Anh Pham Pallas

Anh Pham Pallas got appinted as Science Managerin Global Traps

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The preparation of the 1st Global TraPs World Conference

The preparation of the 1st Global TraPs World Conference is making further progress.

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Newsletter No. 10

Newsletter No. 10 of the Global TraPs project is now online

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Multiple Activities on Preparing Case Studies and the 1st World Confernce

The preparation of the 1st Global TraPs Conference is making progress. The conference to be held June 18-20, 2012 will be conducted at the Freedom Hotel in Beijing, China.

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Practice leaders of the Dissipation & Recycling Node

All six Nodes of the Global TraPs project do have science and practice leaders

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