The preparation of the 1st Global TraPs World Conference

  • The preparation of the 1st Global TraPs World Conference is making further progress. Three issues are currently in the foreground:
    • Structuring the three day meeting which will include a two day joint meeting with the UNEP GPNM (Global Partnership on Nutrient Management)
    • Composing a program for the two day joint Global TraPs-GPNM comference
    • Preparing for Mutual Learning Sessions (MLS) and Dianlogue (DS) session, whch offer a specific form of multi-stakeholder discourses; ther preparation of this sessions is intense and started right now, please conact Debbie H. Hellums (IFDC) and Roland W. Scholz (ETH Zurich) if you have suggestions for further MLS or DS
  • Prof. Klaus Töpfer, currently the Executive Director of Institute for Advance Sustainability Studies, Potsdam, Germany and former UN Under-Secretary General/Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme (1998-2006) and prior to that a Minister in Germany for nearly two decades has kindly accepted our invitation to deliver the key note address on the opening day of the Conference. 
  • The El Jadida conference from March 2012 was run under the vision: Defining Cases - Setting priorities. Based on this a set of Global TraPs case studies have been identified and various applications have been written for getting financial support at foundation, industry and international organization. There is very good progress with the preparation of these case studies and we hope that some of them get started in January 2012.
  • The Global TraPs Newsletter 11 will appear in early January. You will be informed about the program of the program of the Global TraPs World Conference, the MLS & DS, Case Studies, the preparation of two European conferences, and the Fraunhofer Institute and the Fraunhofer IWKS/MRRS (Material Recycling and Resources Strategies), which will provide the backup for the Science Leader and Science Manager from January 2013.

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