Program for the 1st Beijing World Conference (day 1) finished

Preparation for MLS & DS started

The 1st Global TraPs World Confernce June 18-20 will consist of two parts. There will be a set of Mutual Learning Sessions (MLS) and Dialogue Sessions (DS) which have been planned for better understanding how to provide answers for the critical questions which have been formulated in the Global TraPs Workshops in Zurich and El Jadida.

Please take a look at the program of the first Global TraPs conference, page 3 and 4.

MLS & DS are a new type of methods of discourses and knowledge integration between theory-practice. 

Under the guidance of Prof. Ulli Vilsmaier, Prof. of Transdisciplinary Methods, Leuphana University, Germany, a group of international MSc and PhD students started to elaborate what preparation, input, discourses and outcomes have to be defined for MLS & DS. For more information, please look at the forthcoming Global TraPs Newsletter 11.

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