The Knowledge Integration Unit (KIU)

Relating different types of knowledge from different stakeholders, disciplines, perspectives, systems or cultures is essential for sustainable action. This particularly holds true if phosphorus management is seen from a global perspective. Both, the work in the MLS and the DS and even more the integration of the knowledge between the different groups requires organization, prioritization and integration. The Knowledge Integration Group (U. Vilsmaier, D. Lang, T. McDaniels, R. Scholz, G. Steiner) is a group which facilitates these processes. This means that this group is developing methods that are applied to structure and coordinate the process and to integrate knowledge.

Knowledge Integration Unit Support Team (KIU_ST)

The Knowledge Integration Unit Support Team is a group of master and PhD students from different European Universities supporting the preparation and implement of the MLS and DS. They coordinate the booklet development for each MLS and DS, support the team building and the moderation of the sessions.