Three Important Activities after the 1st Global TraPs World Conference

Springer Book - Evaluating the MLS & DS - Starting Case Studies

The summer break after the 1st Global TraPs World Conference in Beijing (June 18-20) was filled with various activities. Herewith we briefly inform about the most important activities 

  • Based on a discussion of the Steering Board, a second round of reviews was initiated on all 7 Chapters and the 10 Spotlights of the Book: Scholz, R. W., Roy, A. H., Brand, F. S., Hellums, D. T., & Ulrich, A. E. (Eds.). (2013). Sustainable phosphorus management: a global transdisciplinary roadmap. Berlin: Springer. This book provides a comprehensive system analysis of phosphorus management. 52 authors fromm 14 countries, 18 from practice and 34 from science, contributed to the 7 chapters and 10 spotlights. The intensity of the review process may be seen from the fact that 7 chapters received - in total - 29 reviews. We think that this book may provide a common frame for setting priorities for  identifying options for technology innovation and the next steps in the transdisciplinary process to address sustainable phosphorus management.
  • Parallel to the finalizing of the Springer Book the evaluation of the Conference, in particular of the Mutual Learning Session and the day 2 and day 3 conference was done. Here the documents will be disseminated soon.
  • Finally, much work was spent on the current case studies. Two studies SMAP Kenya and SMAP Vietnam (Smallholder Farmers Access to Phosphorus) received funding from the Syngenta Foundation of Sustainable Agriculture. We will report on these and other case studies in the next Newsletter

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