German Phosphorus Platform

European and national platforms on sustainable phosphorus management are emerging

The German Conference of Ministers of Environment decided on June 7, 2013 that a German Phosphorus Platform (GPP) (Deutsche Phosphor Plattform) will be founded. This Plattform will establish a network of the German actors of the phosphorus chain and focus the monitoring of the phosphorus fluxes and recycling activities. The GPP will be led by the Fraunhofer Project Group Material Recycling and Resources Strategies (Fraunhofer IWKS, ) in Lower Franconia (Alzenau), Germany. The Fraunhofer IWKS is also hosting the science lead of Global TraPs and may become an important instutute in the development of sustainable phosphorus management. The foundation ceremony will tale place on Friday, November 11, 17:00 in the Permanent establishment of the State of Bavaria, Berlin (

Together with Global TraPs (founded on February 6, 2011), the European Phosphat Platform (founded on March 6, 2013) and other global and regional platforms, phosphorus is becoming a key entity of sustainable resources management on different levels.

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