A basic book on Sustainable Phosphorus Management by Transdisciplinary Processes may be ordered now

A guide for sustainable phosphorus management and a Global transdisciplinary roadmap

The first book produced by Global TraPs may be ordered now. The main product of the first two and a half years collaborative work and mutual learninn among science and key stakeholder groups of the global phosphorus cycle is now finished and may be ordered. This book with the title Sustainable Phosphorus Management - A Global Transdisciplinary Roadmap

  • Provides a comprehensive, supply-demand chain-based analysis of
    phosphorus flows, use, trade and finance, developed during a twoyear
    transdisciplinary process
  •  Describes options for improving phosphorus management in
    exploration, mining, dissipation and recycling
  • Identifies case studies and proposes a research agenda for critical questions of sustainable phosphorus management

The book may be ordered now at Springer publisher http://www.springer.com/environment/sustainable+development/book/978-94-007-7249-6 or amazone http://www.amazon.de/Sustainable-Phosphorus-Management-Transdisciplinary-Roadmap/dp/9400772491

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